Closer to God

At any given moment, there is someone on this planet from a different religion earnestly pouring out his or her heart to their idea of "God". This person will spend hours in prayer asking God to hear answer their petitions, to hear their cries and respond in some way. Each time I visit the... Continue Reading →

Test your Patience

Are you patient? Here's a simple test. In fact, it's even a great disciplining tool. One you can use pretty much anytime you get behind the wheel. Try this simple exercise the time you get stuck behind some slow person on the highway. Instead of trying to see how quickly you can go around, see... Continue Reading →

Discipleship is not free

Everybody likes a free lunch. Unfortunately, nothing in life is free. There is always a cost. The same is true in terms of discipleship. I often hear about the "free gift" of Christ. Sure. There isn't anything I can do to earn or work my way into a relationship with Christ. However, the Master tells... Continue Reading →

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