LAMAD Ministries is a worldwide discipleship ministry dedicated to the spiritual maturity of all believers of Jesus Christ.  Lamad is a Hebrew word meaning “to learn” or “to teach.” Our goal is to spiritually equip disciples to be like our Master, Jesus Christ.

Our worldview:

  • God is compassionate, loving, and personal. He is the ultimate “Being.”
  • Christ is the true and fullest representation of God. He is the only way to experiencing life the way the Father has designed.
  • Christ is the master of life and promises us joy, peace, and life. His resurrection proves his divinity and the conquering of death.
  • True life is found by completely surrendering ourselves to Christ, becoming his disciple committed to following his teachings, or “The Way,” and allowing us to be led by his Holy Spirit. This is what is called being “Born Again.”
  • This Spirit develops within us the “Mind of Christ.” Only with this mindset and a renewed spirit, can we defeat the self and the spiritual attacks of the evil one.
  • The kingdom of God is the spiritual realm of Christ.  Only in this kingdom can we experience the ultimate reality, or truth.

Our ministry provides instruction in discipleship through conferences, lectures, small groups, and any other venue God opens. LAMAD Ministries has taught in Nepal, India, Myanmar, Bhutan, and the United States. We are open to whomever and wherever God calls us, not matter how small or large the gathering. Our desire is simply to help people experience the true life God has called them to live.

For more information, contact us at mshepherd@gt.rr.com


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