The Reward of Stillness


(Photo credit: Yann Novak)

Freeze. Don’t move. Think of nothing

The most difficult tasks in life are usually the ones we think of less often. It’s not the big assignment facing us, it’s not the car we need to get to the shop, it’s not the seemingly insurmountable item placed before us by the boss or even society.

The mountains in life are the ones we must climb in a spiritual manner. They are the ones that challenge us, yet give the greatest reward.

During my morning meditation, I struggled to hear God speaking to me. I sat waiting for a message of depth, something of great value that would be earth shattering and change my life. I usually do. But this morning, I was met by silence.

My immature spirit demanded a message, or at the very least an acknowledgement that God was with me. Frustrated, I simply sat and listened to…nothing.

That’s when I began to understand God’s message was about silence and the self discipline to simply accept being still.

I struggle with stillness. I have to be doing something “productive.” Our society is horribly skewed toward the idea that an idle body and idle mind are of no use. While consistent idleness is not a virtue, neither is the perpetual motion of mind and body.

Stillness brings clarity. It opens up possibilities not only in the physical world, but more importantly in the spiritual realm. It allows us to put into perspective what really matters in our existence.

Stillness brings about the present. We can no longer think of the future or dwell in the past. We are “forced” to think about the present…what is staring at us right at that moment. The past brings regret and the future violent stirs the oceans of anxiety. Being still allows us to put them in a box and look at what is taking place at that very moment which, in reality, isn’t anything but “being.”

Being still opens a portal into the spiritual and mystical realm. It’s no accident or coincidence the mystics of old spent great amounts of time in pure stillness. That stillness developed a foundation of self discipline needed for God to reveal to them the deeper elements of the spiritual world. When we “master” our mind, even in the smallest manner, God reveals truth and spiritual wisdom. But the undisciplined mind doesn’t allow for those thoughts to take hold. Seed sown on rocky ground can’t take root.

Be still and know I am God
Be still and know I am
Be still and know I
Be still and know
Be still

Be still
Be still and know
Be still and know I
Be still and know I am
Be still and know I am God

Spiritual insights are not given merely to those who desire them. The mysteries of the spiritual realm are divulged to those who ask, seek, and knock. The true spiritual seekers sacrifice all for the keys to the higher levels of relationship and truth. A disciple must spend time with their master to receive any deeper knowledge.
Often, that knowledge comes from simple stillness. This is because simplicity gives birth to more complex mysteries. The atom is quite simple. An electron circles around the nucleus. Yet this simple structure is the building block of all matter.

The creator is infinite, yet simple. Being still is a door to exploring the infinities of our creator.

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