Hearing from God


I’ve noticed a relationship with God and searching for car keys are very similar: The answers are often right in front of us.

For years, I have earnestly searched for a close friendship with God. Not so much in the sense that we were far apart, but simply because I wanted to hear from him in all sorts of ways. Having conversations with God is very important for me. I want to hear his voice on a daily basis. I want to hear him telling me things and talking to me like a good friend. I begged God to talk to me and reveal inner secrets of his kingdom. At times, I just wanted simple conversation; a simple knowing he was with me. Other times, I wanted to converse with him in deep and meaningful ways. I envied the saints of long ago who described their conversations with our Creator. I could not understand why they could have close contact while I struggled despite my begging to the point of despair.

Then God revealed to me a simple truth that completely changed my relationship with him.

While walking through a field in France, God told me that it was I who had the trouble hearing..not him who had the trouble communicating. In other words, he was always communicating with me. I just wasn’t listening. All the times I was searching for God and a way of communication with him, the answer was always in front of me and I didn’t know it.

Ever since that simple revelation I have heard from God in so many ways. Our conversations would make the psychologist think I was schizophrenic. Every day begins with simple discussions and run into deep revelations of things that reveal deep spiritual things of the kingdom.  God’s desire is for us to hear his voice….if only we would listen. It really is as simple as listening. No special tricks, mantra or secret sauce….just a heart willing to listen.

If you are feeling that God never speaks to you, let me assure you that he does. Yes, it may seem that he doesn’t. However, the problem isn’t in God not speaking to you. It is simply we don’t listen. Clear you mind. clear your thoughts. Quiet your spirit and open your mind. That small voice you hear is not you talking to yourself. It could very well be the voice of your creator.

Once you hear that voice I promise you that you will never want to go any direction but forward. And God is ready to meet you and take you to depths you never thought possible.

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