The Basics of Humility


If there is one message Jesus Christ taught throughout his ministry it has to be the message of humility.

Humility is the foundational principle of the gospel. Without humility, everything we do is worthless. In the thirteenth chapter for I Corinthians, Paul describes how Love is great than hope and even faith. That’s a tall order. However, what is even greater is on what these three great characteristics of the Christian life rests upon: Humility.

Without humility, one can not love. Without humility, one can’t have hope. Without a humble heart, it is impossible to have true faith.

The humble heart loves eternally, hopes eternally and has the upmost faith on God. Christ demand surrender of our life to love, hope and faith. Surrender begins with humility and the denial of self. Giving up our selfish desires is a hard calling. However, if one wants to experience the kingdom of heaven, it is imperative to humble ourselves.

A humble person experiences the blossoming flowers of the kingdom. They see God working in all aspects of their life. God gives them grace to overcome the world. In a sin-filled world with no hope, this is great news. It is the life Jesus promised us.

Thank God for his wonderful plan!

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