The Church of the Legion

Every day, young men from around the world, converge on one of 11 cities in France. Some look for adventure and others to escape the past. But they all have on thing in common. They are looking for a sense of belonging, a family they can call their own; a group that will commit to them and a group they can commit to.

The French Foreign Legion gives them just what they are looking for.

Forget the legends of old. While the Legion still is a tough place to serve, the days of merciless beatings and a group of thugs and cutthroats are over. However, it is still a place where one can enter, despite their past, start a new identity and forget the past. Every legionnaire will tell you that the Legion is a family.

If I am not mistaken isn’t that what the body of Christ is suppose to offer?

Something has happened in Christianity. While many churches are places where anyone can come, no matter their background, the fellowship and brotherhood at most places have ceased being truly meaningful and deep. The menu at many assemblies is full of praise, “worship”, and teaching. But a strong fellowship “to the death”? Well, I have yet to find such dedication.

In southern France, there is an estate for old Legionnaire who have no friends and no future. It is here where old Legionnaires with no hope can come and live their last days. It is no nursing home. It is a fellowship of men, many with sordid pasts, bound by one common thread: a brotherhood that will die for each other with no questions asked.

I hope that one day the church become such a place. However, a fellowship of me and women completely dedicated to each other until death, but one with the purpose of helping men and women become the best they can be in Christ

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