The Frustrated Christian


Christians are becoming increasingly frustrated. I completely understand why. In fact, I have often found myself in so much frustration that I do not know what to do.

One of the biggest frustrations is that we are looking for something in the “church” world to help answer life’s deepest questions. Unfortunately, we are not finding them. Yes, we can find a study on practically any subject of the Bible we can imagine. Looking for discipleship? Simply sign up for a 13-week discipleship course. Wanting some excitement? Well, you can find that quite easily as more and more churches continue to offer the latest top-40 Christian Pop Hits for church members.

But real spiritual depth? The truths that reach so deep into the soul that they hurt and eventually take us to a place of indescribable peace? Sorry. Keep moving folks. Nothing to see here.

Depth in the church world appears to be practically non-exsistant.

Because of this, many Christians find themselves hoping from church to church looking for anything that will give them something of rest. However, what is offered is a painkiller, and not the surgery needed to remove the source of the pain: SELF.
Self is a killer. It is the foundation of all the spiritual cancers known to mankind. If churches could understand this and help people deny the self, then true spiritual freedom will reign. Unfortunately, it is quite the opposite. Many institutions actually do everything to cater to the “self” of people sitting in the pews.

“The Church Where It’s About YOU!!” stood out among the billboards I recently saw. It’s apparently a place where you are the center of the universe: definitely not what Christ had in mind of the spiritual world.

I understand the frustrations of many people looking for truth, including those who have given up on Christianity or are considering throwing in the towel. All I can say is please reconsider. What you see is not what spiritual Christianity is about. Jesus did not come to establish a “pop-culture” church, or a place where we come to be filled with candy-laden theology.

No, the world of Christ is a truly deep spiritual life, one that forces us to look at the spiritual implications and battles taking place in EVERY corner of life. Whether it is a troubled marriage, troubles on the job, or even the worse kind of oppression imagineable, the spiritual vision and depth of Christ brings clairity. Maybe not the answers, but definitely clarity.

Keep pressing towards Christ. Humble ourselves, seek his spirit and we will dive deeper into the deep waters of the spiritual life.

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