The Very Few Words of Christ


Just a cursory look at the New Testament reveals the few words Christ spoke. At least the ones we have recorded in the four writings of his life and ministry. If one combines only the words of Jesus’ into one book, it would be a very thin booklet.

While Christ spoke and did many more things than are written, I have often wondered why they are not written down. One would think that having everything he spoke written in one large book would make life so much easier. However, that is the true beauty of the spiritual life in Christ.

The words of Christ are the foundation of a spiritual life. It is the Spirit that brings the framework, walls and doors.

While the writings and teachings of Paul and the rest of the apostles are of extreme importance, it is Jesus’ teachings that give us our greatest pearls of wisdom. He gives us what we need to get the basic understanding of the life of a disciple. Yet, Christ knew that in order for us to participate in his divine nature, we would need to have fellowship with the Spirit. The writings of the apostles were written as letters of encouragement and to correct abuses and spiritual issues within the gatherings of Jesus’ disciples. These writings give us spiritual insights and encourage us to continue the race. However, it is the Spirit of Christ that guides us to answers…the deepest of all spiritual answers. Even Paul tells us that it is the Spirit that gives life.

The deepest and mysterious secrets are revealed by the Spirit. The more I think about the spiritual worldview of Christ, I begin to see and admire the wonderfulness and beauty of the concept. Christ is asking us to participate in his divine nature. That participation can only come through the Spirit. Without it, we begin to follow a moral code or turn into intellectual elitists, and not a spiritual one.

The spiritual life brings good morals. However, morality does not lead to a spiritual life.

The beauty of Christ is the invitation to dive deep into the spiritual truths that can only be experienced in the spiritual realm. The more we meditate and spend time with him, the more he will reveal the deeper teachings.

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