Christ and Buddha


I have many wonderful and caring Buddhist friends as well as others from different beliefs. Many say there are no real differences between Buddha and Christ; that they are the same. While there are some striking similarities, there are some glaring and crucial differences.

—Buddha taught a moral life through our own selves.. Jesus taught a spiritual life that leads to morality through the surrender of self.

—Buddha taught all suffering comes from desire, therefore all desire must be removed. Christ teaches suffering comes from the evil one and our evil desires. He taught that while suffering will always be here, we overcome it by giving our “self” to him.

—Buddha taught there is no self. Christ says you are a unique individual made by a God who wants to share in his divine nature. The selfish nature, the total self, is surrendered to him without the destruction of the individual self.

—Buddha offers many deaths through millions of reincarnations. Christ offers you eternal life with him after death, and the gift of the Spirit to guide and counsel us through life and into enlightenment.

Many other differences exist. Buddha stressed the importance of a moral life that leads to “enlightenment”. a teaching that has has left its mark on the world. Christ, the Master, offers us much more; enlightenment by our creator through the invitation to take part in his divine nature and overcome the world…and an eternal home with him without having to destroy the uniqueness of ourselves.

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