The Biggest Bully

Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. (James 4:7 NIV)

It was the last straw. Little Johnny was not going to take another minute of it. “Big Bart” was about to discover the fury of a kid who was about to show his true grit.

Bart loved to pick on Johnny. In fact it was a daily ritual; a bit of fun for Bart and daily misery for Johnny. In fact, it was something they both expected and were used to.

However, today was a bit different. When Bart pulled his daily bullying, pushing Johnny around an forcing him to give in the his demands, Johnny decided to fight back. It was something he had been planning for quite some time. Courage, however, was lacking. But today it was in full force.

So, when Bart began his usual pushing and shoving, Johnny met him with a closed fist and a well placed hook under the chin. Bart went down hard…and a bit stunned. After all, this had never happened to him before. Johnny always gave in to his demands and bullying. With a sore jaw and quite a bit of embarrassment, Bart picked himself off the floor and ran off.

It would be the last time he would casually pick on little Johnny.

Okay. The story is pretty sappy. But then again, I’m no great writer. But with all of today’s focus on bullying, I figure it would be a great way to introduce the biggest bully of them all…and the way to fight him.

Satan goes around much like “Big Bart”. He picks on the weak because they often easily surrender. It amazes me how often I give in to satan’s temptations simply because I feel that I have to. However, James tells us that we don’t have to give in to this spiritual bully. All we have to do is fight back. Just taking a simple stand can drop satan to the ground with enough force to send him reeling and disappearing. Yes, he will probably come back with more taunting. But continuing to take a stand mean he loses confidence in his ability to strike fear in the heart of the one who resists him.

Too often, Christians feel they must give in to satan’s attacks. It’s one of his biggest lies. It’s also one of his biggest weapons. James tells us to take a stand against the bullying of satan. Scary? Absolutely! But once we fight back in the spirit of Christ, we gain confidence in God and his word.

God will not fight every battle for us. Why not? Because he has equipped us with everything we need to overcome the evil one. We have the power through the Holy Spirit to fight back.

Today, when satan begins his usual attacks and temptations, whether it be in the body or in the mind, fight back. Resist. Take a stand. Discover the victorious life in Christ and the life he promises us.

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