Wild man with a wild message

John the Baptist may not have fit into our society very easily. In fact, he would probably find himself locked up in the mental ward. However, his type, while not very common, was not unheard of in those days. In fact, this kind of preaching, teaching and prophesying is quite normal in the East such as India, Nepal, Burma and other Asian countries.

Interesting due to the fact “Christianity” was cradled in the eastern culture. However, I digress.

John came preaching a very serious message. His words of repentance may not have shocked people, but it did force the religious establishment (and of course, the non-rabbinical community) to get back to the basics. A “wild man” who doesn’t mince words tells people that there is “hell” to pay for the non-repentant. A hell in this life…and in the one to come.

Perhaps we today need to hear once again the message of repentance. Many who have “tried” Christ often leave feeling unfulfilled. Perhaps that is because the groundwork was never laid. A building without a strong foundation will collapse. As our Master puts it, a house built on rock will stand. A house built on sand will give way.

John’s words hold so true today, especially in a society that rejects the notion of anything asking us to give up everything, or to repent (turn away). Once we overcome this attitude, Christ can come into our lives and begin the transformation that is so needed…and gives us the abundant life promised in John 10:10

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