Closer to God

At any given moment, there is someone on this planet from a different religion earnestly pouring out his or her heart to their idea of “God”. This person will spend hours in prayer asking God to hear them…to answer their petitions, to hear their cries and respond in some way.

Each time I visit the Far East, I am amazed at the dedication of the people to their various forms of religion. In India, Hinduism permeates every part of life. It is interwoven into the fabric of the society. People make long pilgrimages to various temples and shrines. Many do it out of a religious obligation. Other’s however, do it out of a deep desire to know the heart of God.

As a disciple of Christ, I often feel ashamed each time I visit such places. Not because I believe in Jesus. No, simply because my level of dedication seems minuscule in comparison.

I’m a Christian. I do not believe in the practices of Hinduism, Buddhism or any other belief system. However, I do wonder who God “pays attention” to more often. Is it me? The often lazy Christian? Or, is it the person who truly seeks the ways of God.

God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him. I earnestly believe that our Father’s love reaches down to those who want to know him….those who diligently seek him. The question I ask myself is simple:

Am I diligently seeking him?

How often do I spend in prayer? Is it a 5-minute repetition of the same-ol-same-ol? Do I even really think about him when I pray? What is my attitude toward everything I look at or engage in? I have to admit: I don’t believe I diligently seek him as I should. And because of that, I don’t hear from him like I would like to.

Let’s put our thoughts and actions toward our Father and reap the rewards of being close to God in a way that most rarely encounter.

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