Test your Patience

Are you patient?

Here’s a simple test. In fact, it’s even a great disciplining tool. One you can use pretty much anytime you get behind the wheel.

Try this simple exercise the time you get stuck behind some slow person on the highway. Instead of trying to see how quickly you can go around, see how long you can stay behind them. Of course, make sure you are being safe.

At the grocery store? Look for the longest line with the slowest checker.

I have to admit it will really show what you are made of. It’s also a great way to develop that fruit of the Spirit so many of us, including myself, lack. The first reaction frustration and perhaps even a bit of anger. But with the right attitude, you might even find yourself smiling and laughing about how we get upset over the dumbest things.

Silly? perhaps. Different? most definitely! But it’s one of the best ways to develop the qualities God desires in our lives.

2 thoughts on “Test your Patience

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    1. Very true. God often sets us up in situations to meet new people and share the Good News. Other times, however, those situations can reveal to us (especially myself) areas in which we need to grow. I am always amazed at how our Master works in our lives in the smallest of ways.

      Thanks for posting. Blessings to you!

      Marc S.

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