Who loves Who?

You hear it from many pulpits across this our nation: “God loves you.”

It is a message that needs to be repeated throughout the church and to those seeking a relationship with our creator. There is another message, however, that is just as important.

In Matthew, Jesus is asked what is the greatest commandment. Jesus replied: “ ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ (Matthew 22:37 NIV)

We humans, even disciples, can often be pretty self-centered. We look to see if God loves us and how is going to provide our every need. Of course, Jesus tells us to ask for those things we need from the Father. He understands we have needs and desires.

Yet, we often fail to ask a greater question: “Do we love God?”

There is nothing else our Father can do to show us his commitment to our salvation, both on this earth and in the eternal realm. God gave up his son as a sacrifice. Forgive me for the following paraphrase. However, it seems God is telling the world, “Here. Take my son and kill him. In fact, he offers it up freely. It is the most I can do to show my love and desire to make you whole.”

Truth is, there really isn’t anything else one can do to show you their love than to give up his own life.

My question, however, is how much do we love our Father? What are we willing to give up our all for the kingdom? Many Christians live under the concept of “God loves me.” However, they most often forget to walk and live under the idea and truth of “Do I love God?”

When we ask this question it makes us stop and think about what we are really devoted to. It forces us to question our discipleship and walk with Christ.

The true and deep disciple always strives to please God in terms of their love for God, not vice-versa. The disciple knows God loves them. That is why their life is dedicated to being a fragrance of love to their father.

That is true discipleship.

2 thoughts on “Who loves Who?

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  1. Thanks For sharing your thoughts. I know that those that Love God follow and obey his word in bible. Its true that we must love but remember if i was to love my neighbor, its not by words of love that will win him or her but my actions of Love towards them. A lot of Christians go to church, praise God, but a handful live by the word of God, a few are ruled by the Word of God. Many Christians do not even know themselves. Lets make it a point to read Gods word and live by its standards. God Bless You and all that has to do with you. Amen

    1. Thanks for your comments. It is so easy to tell God we love him in church. It’s another to live it. I constantly have to remind myself each morning, afternoon and evening to live for Christ. It can be a tough battle. Thank goodness for his grace to live the life he has promised. God bless you too.

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