Your Mission

It’s Monday. A new week with new challenges and uncertainties. I just don’t know many people who look forward to Monday.

However, let’s try something new. Today, how about beginning the week with a new mission, a new focus, a new direction. The goal for today is simple:

Be like Jesus.

Think about it for a moment. We sing and talk about Jesus all day Sunday. But when the new work week begins, we so often forget to start off those new challenges with a mindset of the Savior. It is so easy to tell Jesus how great he is, talk about him and promise we will live for him when we are in the midst of other Christians. It is often a different story when we are away from those elements.

Today, however, think about how Christ would respond to the rude customer. How would he handle the overbearing boss who shows extreme favoritism? When the guys and girls start gossiping about someone, what will you response be?

It’s easy to talk about being a disciple. Living it is a completely different matter. Difficulties and challenges reveal our true character. The good news is that Christ can change that character….but only if we surrender it to him.

Surrender it to him today. In fact, how about surrendering the entire week to him, one day at a time? The life-changing results will astound you, make you into a better disciple and set you up as a light to shine in dark places.

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