Writing is tough. At least it is for me.

For some time, I’ve been struggling to get back into the habit of posting my thoughts on the Gospel. However, time and laziness have gotten the best of me. I agree that it isn’t a good thing for a ministry decided to discipleship, or discipline, should admit to. But that’s in the past.

So, what is this site all about? Simply discipleship.

In a world full of churches, ministries, pastors and enough teaching material to drown even the most dedicated Christian, it would seem having a site dedicated to discipleship would be redundant…maybe even presumptuous. However, I have found that discipleship is lacking in churches and ministries. And many concepts and ideas of discipleship are simply more church programs or fads.

The tendency in many of these places is to put new members through a 10-week course on the beliefs of the church, thinking that once the course is complete, the job of discipleship is complete. That is not what this ministry is about. My hope is to simply go back to the Master’s spiritual teachings; lessons Jesus taught us in order that we can have that life promised to us in John 10:10. His teachings provide us with the necessary power or grace needed to live life in the way it was always intended to be lived.

It’s not about the pastor, preacher or Sunday school leader. It’s simply learning what I have termed the “Relational Philosophy” of the Gospel. This philosophy, or study of life, puts us in the position of student (disciple) to a teacher (Master). Jesus “mastered” life. Now, He wants to give it to us so we can live life the way he wants us to live. Not so much because he “wants-it-that-way-so-you-better-live-it”. But simply because he wants us to have peace. The peace Jesus promised would never leave us. Many in our churches (and in the world) continue to look for peace.

As I question many Christians, I find many continue to strive for something that will bring them the peace of Jesus. Interestingly, the one common thread in all of my conversations is the lack of understanding what it truly means to be a disciple of Christ. Quite often, it is not the question of whether God loves them, but, if they love God.

And that is where the first steps of discipleship begin.

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